AgFunder AgriFood Tech report

Agriculture and food startup companies raise almost $17 billion in 2018, a 43 percent increase compared to 2017.

Agricultural and food startup companies raised about $17 billion in 2018, a 43 percent increase compared to 2017. That increase is similar to the world’s overall venture-capital market, according to the "AgFunder AgriFood Tech Investing Report, 2018.”

The United States dominates the venture-capital sector, but China, India and Brazil contributed some of the year’s largest deals. Large business deals at the consumer end of the supply chain – especially in food delivery – bolstered numbers. But there also was 44 percent growth in upstream investment. Entrepreneurs and investors became more comfortable innovating closer to the farmer, according to AgFunder.

The investor base continued to diversify with 1,776 investors representing Silicon Valley venture firms, state-backed-government funds, pension funds, corporate entities and agri-food technology specialists. Visit for more information.

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