Technology that converts lactic acid into biobased acrylic acid could be a step toward making more products from renewable crops. Procter & Gamble recently granted an exclusive license enabling Cargill to develop and commercialize the conversion technology. The technology could be used to produce super-absorbent polymers in absorbent hygiene products and thickeners in household paints.

Procter & Gamble scientists recently earned for its conversion technology the American Chemical Society 2020 Award for Affordable Green Chemistry. While considered a breakthrough several more years of development are expected to be needed before the technology will impact consumer products.

Jill Zullo, strategic marketing and innovation leader for Cargill’s bioindustrial business, said that by using annually renewable crops the company will be able to contribute to farmer prosperity. It could also produce products estimated to have less than half the greenhouse-gas-emission footprint versus the petroleum-based equivalent. Visit and for more information.