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Demonstrations of tile-drainage installations will be held at the 2019 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Jefferson County. Timewell Drainage Products will partner with the host family and drainage contractor Walter Grain Farms.

Mike Walter began tiling with his dad and brother in 1975. He currently tiles and farms with his sons, Adam and Brad. The Walter family operates more than 6,000 acres of owned and rented land.

“At the current time we can install 200,000 feet to 1 million feet in a season,” Mike Walter said. “It’s all weather-dependent. Playing in the mud and drying fields for better yields is something we love to do.”

Aaron Kassing, vice-president of marketing for Timewell Drainage Products, said, “Tiling is the ultimate ag-management tool. “With the precipitation we’ve gotten in Wisconsin this year, tiling is the most impactful investment you can implement on your farm. We are building the Jefferson County demonstrations to highlight that.”

Tiling demonstrations will take place from 10 a.m. to noon and 1-3 p.m. each day of the event, July 23-25. Attendees will be able to see drainage-system installation first-hand as well as edge-of-field practices.

Installation at the show will substantially drain 20 acres of the host farm. Drainage professionals will be on-site to discuss management tools. Visit www.wifarmtechnologydays.com for more information.

Timewell Drainage Products of Jefferson County is a manufacturer of subsurface drainage products and supplies. The company has six locations in several states including a manufacturing facility in Jefferson, Wisconsin, and headquarters in Illinois. Visit timewellpipe.com for more information.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is a non-profit educational organization that has sponsored an annual event showcasing agriculture and related industries since 1954.