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The International Seed Federation recently called on national governments to adopt consistent science-based policies. Eduard Fitó, president of the International Seed Federation, said sound science and innovation are needed to reach goals of food security, better nutrition, improvement of farmer livelihoods, and adaptation to climate change.

“We are at the starting point of the food system,” said Michael Keller, secretary-general of the International Seed Federation. “Our industry is unique because of its primary role in crop production. Providing quality seed is the crucial first step toward solving many challenges on a global scale.”

The seed sector invests 15 percent of its annual revenues in research and development to produce locally adapted and improved varieties, according to the organization. Science provides plant breeders the tools to unlock potential already present in existing biodiversity. It enables them to develop more resilient varieties. A lack of consistent regulation regarding new plant-breeding methods could diminish the potential and slow innovation, according to the organization. Visit for more information.