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Focus on Energy recently earned one of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Inspiring Efficiency Awards. Focus on Energy’s disaster-recovery initiatives are being honored in the innovation category. The initiatives honored are its flood-relief offering and farm-disaster bonus.

The flood-relief offering was a limited-time program to help small-business owners affected by flooding in August 2018. Focus on Energy doubled the normal financial incentives for qualifying projects in flood-damaged areas of 18 Wisconsin counties.

Community small-business-offering representatives visited businesses in identified areas. They provided information on increased incentives for energy-efficient upgrades related to lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, refrigeration, food-service equipment and process systems.

Focus on Energy’s farm-disaster bonus was designed to help Wisconsin farmers after destructive storms in early 2019. The program offered a 25-percent bonus in addition to regular financial incentives to farmers facing reconstruction projects. Those projects involved farmers whose barn roofs and other buildings collapsed with the weight of heavy snowfall. Farmers who took advantage of the bonus received added incentives for upgrading to more efficient lights, waterers and circulation fans. Visit for more information.

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