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Clark County was recently selected to host the 2022 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. During the next three years there will be many opportunities to become involved in telling the story of Clark County agriculture.

The first step in the process of hosting Farm Technology Days is to choose a host farm. The Clark County committee would like to extend the opportunity to all Clark County farms to apply.

It's a great honor to be selected as a host; many people can remember the great farms that have been visited throughout the years through Farm Technology Days. More than 400 acres are involved to host the show; it requires a minimum of 70 acres for the commercial exhibits in “Tent City,” 80 acres for parking, and 250 acres of crops for field demonstrations involving tillage and hay harvest. If any farm family feels they don't have enough acres, but they do have many other attributes to offer the show, farms can also partner with a neighbor and apply jointly. It has been common for two families to partner together to host Farm Technology Days.

Application deadline is Sept. 9. Contact 715-743-5121 or richard.halopka@wisc.edu for more information.

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