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IBM recently expanded its Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, with artificial-intelligence technology tailored for more crops and specific regions. The company is providing the platform that combines predictive technology with data from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, as well as from “internet of things” data to help provide farmers more crop-production insights.

IBM is combining historical, current and forecast data with weather-prediction models from The Weather Company. They are then combined with crop models to help improve yield-forecast accuracy. New crop models include corn, wheat, soy, cotton, sorghum, barley, sugar cane and potato. The models will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, as well as in new markets across Europe, Africa and Australia.

The average farm generates an estimated 500,000 data points per day, which will grow to 4 million data points by 2036, according to “Business Insider Intelligence.” Applying artificial intelligence and analysis to aggregated field, machine and environmental data can help improve shared insights between growers and enterprises across the agriculture ecosystem. Growers can see what’s working on certain farms and share best practices with other farmers, IBM stated.

The platform assesses data in an electronic field record to identify and communicate crop-management patterns and insights. Food companies, grain processors or produce distributors can then work with farmers to leverage those insights. The platform helps track crop yield as well as environmental, weather and plant-biologic conditions that factor into good or bad yields. Those include irrigation management, pest- and disease-risk analysis, and cohort analysis for comparing similar subsets of fields.

IBM Research collaborates with Hello Tractor to integrate The Weather Company data, remote sensing data and internet of things data from tractors. IBM also works with crop-nutrition company Yara International ASA to provide hyperlocal weather forecasts in its digital platform for real-time recommendations, tailored to specific fields or crops. Visit for more information.