Innovations in agricultural and biological engineering recently were recognized by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The winners of the society’s 2020 AE50 award program were evaluated by an international panel of specialists in technology, design and product development. The entries were ranked on the basis of innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on market served.

Forty-eight awards were presented at the 2020 Agricultural Equipment Technology Conference in February in Louisville, Kentucky. The winners of the 2020 AE50 awards will be featured in this edition and in the next few editions of Agri-View. Advances in tractors and related tractor technologies are featured here.

Claas of America Axion 900 series tractors

Claas Axion 900 series tractors range from 320 horsepower to 440 horsepower. They’re built with an 8.7-liter engine, four-mode continuously variable transmission, efficient power take-off and final drives. As much as 91 percent of engine horsepower is available at the power take-off shaft for efficient use of power and fuel. The drive system provides for efficient use of power for applications such as hay cutting, baling, forage chopping, feeding and manure spreading.

Case IH AFS Connect Magnum tractor

The Case IH Advanced Farming Systems – AFS – Connect Magnum tractor features electronic architecture for improved connectivity. The new AFS Pro 1200 display allows operation of all tractor and implement applications from one location. New semi-active cab suspension and improved front-axle suspension have been provided for ride comfort. The redesigned cab interior provides more storage space and power outlets.

New Holland Ground Speed Management II

Ground Speed Management was first introduced on New Holland’s TG/T8000 tractors, bringing continuously-variable-transmission logic to power-shift tractors. Transmission shifting was based on a required forward-speed target rather than an engine-speed target, which helped save fuel. Ground Speed Management II is a control package that brings a new feature to New Holland T6 tractors equipped with the Dynamic Command transmission. It maintains the ground-speed management target of increased efficiency. Ground Speed Management II introduces a vehicle-operating interface and speed-control system similar to that used on the Auto Command continuously-variable-transmission. It interacts with key gearbox and engine features to achieve and maintain the operator’s requested speed at the optimum operating point. That reduces fuel consumption and improves efficiency with reduced operator input, according to the manufacturer.

Laforge Systems DynaTrac

Laforge DynaTrac is a universal guidance interface between the tractor and an implement for three-point, two-point and trailed equipment. DynaTrac has been designed to allow an implement to accurately trail the tractor during both increased and decreased traction. It also leverages global-positioning-system benefits. DynaTrac is applicable for any type of row-crop farming. It also has been designed to work in situations where consistent overlap is desired for optimal efficiency.

Sears Seating Nexus Seat and TLS Suspension System

The Nexus Seat and TLS – toggle-link-swing – Suspension System is comprised of a configurable upper-seat structure, an advanced adjuster system and toggle-link-swing air suspension. The design allows multiple seat-cushion widths and backrest heights. An operator-restraint system is integrated into the structure. A modular adjuster and isolator system provide optional levels. Swing-toggle scissors replace the typical roller and track in the lower suspension structure.

New Holland SideWinder Ultra

The SideWinder Ultra armrest places the tractor’s key controls in a single location. Controls are grouped for easy identification and ergonomics. Groupings include engine and transmission, three-point hitch limits, media and climate control. A number of functions are located on the force-based multi-function handle for precise control of the tractor’s speed and end-of-row operations. Controls can be configured by choosing functions from a list on the armrest’s new IntelliView 12 touch monitor. Hardware customization includes an advanced joystick or remote levers and positioning of the elbow pad. Third-party tablet or phone mounts also can be attached to the armrest.

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