The U.S. Agency for International Development recently began a five-year $30 million cooperative project with Cairo University and four U.S. land-grant universities. They plan to create a Center of Excellence for Agriculture in the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University in Egypt.

The Center of Excellence for Agriculture will work in concert with two additional centers of excellence focused on water and energy.

The new center aims to work with Egyptian universities to build higher-education programs. Those programs are intended to equip Egyptian agriculture faculty and students with the tools to make an immediate impact in Egyptian agriculture as research scientists, employees, policymakers or innovators.

The center is to be led by Cornell University and Cairo University with three U.S. land-grant universities spearheading different initiatives.

  • Purdue University will lead programs in instructional innovation and curriculum development.
  • The University of California-Davis will lead programs in applied research.
  • Michigan State University will lead efforts in human capital development.

Additionally Sathguru Management Consultants will work with Egyptian universities to facilitate technology transfer and commercialization of university research products. Visit for more information.