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Farmers and ranchers face a lot of challenges -- weather, policy and markets. One of the growing issues is the increasing urbanization sprawling across farm and ranch land across the United States. To help spread awareness about that growing issue, the American Angus Association recently produced a film, "Losing Ground," to expose the impact of urban sprawl on American agriculture.

The documentary features five Angus farm and ranch families who talk about the challenges and opportunities they have experienced with urban sprawl in their areas.

  • Lovin family of Lexington, Georgia
  • Marsh family of Huntley, Illinois
  • Stabler family of Brookeville, Maryland
  • Cropp family of Damascus, Maryland
  • Nelson family of Wilton, California

American Farmland Trust CEO John Piotti talks about a research report titled, “Farms Under Threat,” which shows the issue on a national level. According to the report the United States is losing 1.5 million acres per year, which breaks down to 175 acres every hour and 3 acres per minute. A common ground needs to be reached between the population’s need for more housing, and retail and agriculture’s need to produce food, according to the organization.

Education is the key to bridging the gap between farmers and ranchers, and those who live in urban areas. The film strives to spread awareness for an increasing issue for rural America as well as to provide content for the agriculture community to share.

Visit or and search for "Losing Ground" for more information.