Editor’s note: Please do not put answers on our Facebook page; we want everyone to have fun guessing.

In our feature “What’s This?” we share a photo of an old or odd agriculture-related piece — or from an old farm home. Maybe we know what it is and maybe we don’t.

Either way we want our readers to tell us what it is. Email answers to agriview@madison.com with a best guess — one guess per email. Please include name, address and phone. We’ll draw a name at random — from those submitted with correct answers — to award a prize.

And we want our readers to submit photos of mysterious things found in the shop or old corn crib or attic — or basement.

Email photos to agriview@madison.com as jpg attachments, at least .3M or 300k in size, with “What’s This” in the subject line of the email. Please include name, address, phone and where the item was found. We’ll draw a name at random from those submitting photos to award a prize.

Email agriview@madison.com with questions.

Our previous “unknown” piece of equipment, published online and in the March 28 issue of Agri-View, is a calf weaner. Sometimes a calf is quite persistent and continues to nurse long after it should be weaned. Rather than keeping the calf and its mother in separate pastures, a calf weaner could be attached to the calf ’s nose. The weaner had sharp spikes sticking out from it that would cause the cow to kick the calf and keep it away.

Bill Lewandowski was chosen randomly from correct answers to win our prize for playing. He said, "This is placed on the calf’s mouth to prevent it from sucking other calves or used for weaning from its mother."