Ice cream will be the next product made and sold by students on the University of Wisconsin-Platteville campus. A recent grant from the Compeer Financial Fund for Rural America will support the opening of a dairy-pilot plant and a student-run ice-cream-production business.

The student-run business is expected to begin production in the spring semester. Construction is underway for the plant, which will be located on campus at Glenview Commons. A four-person student team will initially oversee the business. They will divide duties into areas of production and sanitation, accounting, and marketing and logistics. An advisory board of alumni will provide input.

Students will start the business with pre-packaged ice-cream mix. But the long-term goal is to use milk from the university’s Pioneer Farm, and eventually include goat and sheep milk.

Tera Montgomery, a UW-Platteville associate professor of dairy and animal science, has for several years been making ice cream with students in her dairy-products class. That has been only on a small scale. But the ice cream has become popular; Montgomery received feedback that it should be made and sold on campus. Visit and search for "dairy-science" for more information.

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