Plant-based milk container

Anchor, part of New Zealand's Fonterra Co-operative, is introducing milk containers made from sugarcane. Sugarcane is processed into plant-based high-density polyethylene in Brazil. The recyclable containers are made in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Fonterra Co-operative recently added a plant-based milk container to its Anchor Blue 2L range. Anchor is part of Fonterra; the Anchor brand is sold in 80 countries.

Because sugarcane absorbs carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows, the container has a reduced carbon footprint and is recyclable, according to Anchor. Sugarcane is made into high-density polyethylene in Brazil. The containers are then made in New Zealand.

The containers will be available first across New Zealand’s North Island. Anchor plans to expand distribution based on consumer response. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for New Zealanders. Seventy-one percent of New Zealanders are actively researching the sustainability practices of brands before making a product purchase, according to research by the country’s Sustainable Business Council, Visit for more information.