When it comes to cheese no state does it “grater” than Wisconsin. This year the State of Cheese shared a massive wedge of Wisconsin wonderful by creating a cheesy state fair in the center of the SXSW conference.

There were thousands of pounds of assorted artisan cheeses. But Wisconsin also brought an un-brie-lievably unique spin, with special touches like a Ferris wheel of award-winning cheeses, three 7-liter gourmet fondues and custom swag. At certain times throughout the day Wisconsin brought fair favorites like fried-cheese curds and boozy snow cones. A cast of characters made special appearances — including a magician and juggler as well as a woman in a dress made of champagne flutes.

“We wanted to give SXSW attendees a festive place to escape and recharge where they can not only try a variety of incredible cheeses but also experience the magic of Wisconsin,” said Suzanne Fanning, chief marketing officer for Wisconsin Cheese. “What’s more fun than a state fair? How about a state fair with all-you-can-eat cheese?”

The Wisconsin Cheese SXSW loungeiIn 2018 featured a 3D-printed barn and a massive cheeseboard display. Wisconsin went on to officially set a new Guinness World Records title by creating the World’s Largest Cheeseboard. This year attendees also had access to an immersive digital experience that leveraged gamification — an augmented reality and a cheese matchmaker to guide them through the cheese paradise that awaited them behind the doors of Cheeselandia.

For those who weren’t able to attend, join the Cheeselandia community. It combines a mix of online and offline experiences across the country. Follow along on social media with the hashtag #SXSWisconsin.