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The American Heart Association is saying eggs can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet.

It’s official. Eggs are good.

The American Heart Association has issued a new science advisory on the Dietary Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Risk – dietary cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern and eggs can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet. It confirms an earlier 2015 recommendation.

The American Heart Association recommendations state that giving specific dietary-cholesterol targets within the context of food-based advice is challenging for clinicians and consumers to implement.

Instead guidance on dietary patterns are more likely to improve diet quality and to promote cardiovascular health.

The advisory outlined three specific recommendations regarding eggs.

In healthy individuals consumption of an egg a day is acceptable in heart-healthy dietary patterns.

In older healthy individuals, given the nutritional benefits and convenience of eggs, consumption of as many as two eggs per day is acceptable within a heart-healthy dietary pattern.

Vegetarians who do not consume meat-based foods may include more dairy and eggs in their diets in moderation.

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Committee conducted a comprehensive review of the science including a meta-analysis of 16 studies, finding that cholesterol was no longer a nutrient of concern for Americans. The science continues to remain the same today.

Eggs are a good or excellent source of eight essential nutrients including choline and lutein, nutrients important for brain and memory development along with long-term health. The excellent-quality protein in eggs also helps support strong muscles and bones while providing sustained mental and physical energy throughout the day.

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