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Producing green diesel from the hydrogenation of bio-oil from chicken bones is the aim of a new research project in Brazil. Embrapa Agroenergia, in partnership with Haka Bioprocessos, is working to characterize the bio-oil's chemical components. The companies also are studying pre-treatment and hydrogenation.

Itânia Soares, a researcher at Embrapa Agroenergia and the project leader, said the hydrogenation process will be used to generate paraffinic hydrocarbons with properties similar to diesel from fossil sources.

Final characterization of the product will include analysis of its chemical composition, calorific value, density and viscosity. The researchers plan to add value to waste that is already being produced and that provides a sustainable solution for the Brazilian energy matrix, she said.

But green diesel or renewable diesel isn’t yet part of the Brazilian energy matrix. Proponents of green diesel say it should be added to diesel of fossil origin, which already has a mandatory 12-percent biodiesel in its composition.

Cyro Calixto, CEO of Haka Bioprocessos, said, “We plan to take the technology to the major animal-protein producers in Europe and the United States, placing this solution on the national export agenda.”

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