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Joe Harris, executive vice-president of Westway Feed Products, recently was named the 2019 Liquid Feed Hall of Fame inductee by the American Feed Industry Association.

Harris is credited with earning seven patents. The patents involve treatments and processes used in the feed industry. One of the most notable patents is for SweetCake tub-production technology. It helps ensure targeted and consistent intake of liquid feed. He sought new methods for better use of coproducts in animal diets. That led to the development of new whey-stabilization technology. He also served an instrumental role in writing rules for glycerin use in animal feeds for the official publication of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Harris has written numerous articles and made presentations on the benefits of molasses, liquid feed and coproducts.

Harris joined in 1992 Westway Feed Products. He helped expand the company’s locations from two to 28 across North America. He has helped develop products to meet the needs of beef- and dairy-cattle producers.

The annual Liquid Feed Hall of Fame award recognizes outstanding individuals in the liquid-feed industry. Visit for more information.

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