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County fair created

with $15

The first fair of the Columbia County Agricultural Society was held on the commons at Wyocena. The receipts were $15.75 and the disbursements were $11.80, but everybody had a good time. The society went forward with a hopeful face. ...

In 1874 the city of Portage purchased 40 acres of land in the First Ward, made a park of it and gave the Columbia County Agricultural Society or its successors an indefinite lease of the grounds. Each year up to 1901 at this place an annual fair was held under the auspices of the society.

In 1901 the old society had become weakened by adverse conditions, and the Columbia County Fair Association, a stock company, was organized. This organization, with sufficient finances back of it, proceeded to breathe new life into the annual exhibits of the county. New buildings were erected, new methods pursued, and the fair, as the result of the efforts of the stockholders of the association, is one of the biggest and best in the state. The first officers of the new association were J.H. Wills, president; J.E. Jones, secretary; and R.N. McConochie, treasurer. The present officers of the association are C. Hecker, president; F.A. Rzyme, secretary; and A.J. Jamieson, treasurer.

Other fairs existing in the county at present, and which give annual exhibits, are the Lodi Union Fair at Lodi, and the Inter-County Fair held at Kilbourn City.