Candid Canine Corner

"Hi, my name is Jimmy. I'm an 8-year-old sable Collie. I live on a small farm in St. Croix County, Wisconsin. You can see me here doing my favorite job, which is cuddling with one of the grandchildren. Usually I just show my gentle nature. But one day I had to do a different job. When I was taking a nap on the front porch I heard some growling and barking on the driveway. When I looked up I saw my human mom and one of the grandchildren being chased by three mean dogs. I ran faster than I ever thought I could and jumped on all three of them. What a commotion! I was lucky enough to fight them off long enough for my human loved ones to run away into the house. I escaped with a few cuts in my long white fur collar. You can imagine all the hugs and kisses I got that night, along with a special treat of course."

Jimmy lives with Bob and Diane Swanepoel near Glenwood City, Wisconsin.