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Farm Critter Corner

Farm Critter Corner

Butch and Minnie, 4, are Pygmy Goats. ‘We love to eat our owners’ flowering kale, graze in the alfalfa and have our horns scratched with a sunflower stalk,’ they say. ‘When we’re out of the pen we love to jump in the air and do pirouettes. Our owners treat us well with lots of treats to keep us happy.’

Butch and Minnie dress for a family Oktoberfest celebration because the actual La Crosse Oktoberfest was canceled.

‘Never did I think I would have goats as pets,’ their human Kim Werner says. ‘But since acquiring them I have to say they add some entertainment to every single day.’

Butch and Minnie live with Greg and Kim Werner near Genoa, Wisconsin.

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