Many small businesses hit hard by COVID-19 are agricultural businesses. In response, Agri-View is launching a grant program for affected agricultural businesses.

“Since our inception Agri-View has partnered with local businesses across our region to deliver their messages to customers both in times of prosperity and in times of great challenge,” said Matt Meyers, Agri-View general manager and Lee Agri-Media publisher. “While the COVID-19 virus has created change and difficulties for us all, the ability of our local business community to market to its customers remains essential to its, and all of our, sustainability and recovery. Our company’s greatest assets, by far, are the local communities we serve. We’re firmly committed to supporting them through this grant program.”

Grants will range from $250 to $7,500 each month; they will be awarded in May and June. The program will be available to locally owned and operated agricultural businesses impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Agri-View will also offer matching funds for use in Agri-View print and digital publications, and for services. That will enable small-business owners to access a much-broader portfolio of marketing products. The program will allow Agri-View to take a far-more-comprehensive approach to overcoming the unique challenges its local business partners face as a result of the pandemic.

“As a trusted source of news and information for the agricultural community we feel we are uniquely positioned to assist businesses in these trying times,” Meyers said. “We believe we can do our part to help our community come through to the other side of the pandemic, stronger and more united to tackle the challenges that lay ahead. We ask that everyone joins us in supporting our local business community in the weeks and months ahead.”

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