Mindy and Mark Patterson were recently awarded the Veritas Award by the American Agri-Women. Mindy Patterson, president, and Mark Patterson, CEO, founded The Cavalry Group, which was the core reason for their winning the award.

The Veritas Award was created from the American Agri-Women motto, “A Force for Truth.” It’s given to an individual or organization that has given public witness to the pursuit of truth. Veritas is Latin for “truth.” The Cavalry Group was nominated for the Veritas Award by Montana Agri-Women.

The Pattersons founded the Cavalry Group after realizing the great and critical need for the protection, awareness and legal counsel for animal owners. They live in Wildwood, Missouri, and have a grown daughter. They fight daily against the threat of the radical animal-rights movement nationwide.

“They are attempting to destroy the very heritage of American horseback, farming culture and animal ownership — which is ultimately an assault on American’s private property rights,” Mindy Patterson said.

The Cavalry Group specializes in exposing the truth against unfair and false-based accusations brought forth by extremist animal-rights groups. They are leading the charge in defending the onslaught of a growing “anti-animal ownership” ideology. They challenge the infiltration of animal-rights activism in government at the local, state and federal levels. They protect the Constitutional rights of ownership through legal defense of members, increasing public awareness through lobbying efforts and testifying in Congress. The Cavalry Group is a member-driven organization. Visit www.thecavalrygroup.com or email mindypatterson777@gmail.com for more information.