MycoTechnology Inc. recently won the Radicle Protein Challenge by Syngenta. BlueNalu Inc. received second place in a field of more than 150 applicants worldwide. The contest was created to discover innovations and invest in technology companies that are transforming the future of protein, according to Radicle and the Syngenta Group.

MycoTechnology has developed a mushroom-fermentation platform to produce protein and other ingredients. BlueNalu produces a variety of seafood products from fish cells. MycoTechnology is being awarded a $1-million investment from the Syngenta Group. BlueNalu is being awarded a $250,000 investment.

“The demand for protein is increasing and the need for new protein technologies is increasing in every geography, socioeconomic background and age group,” said Erik Fyrwald, CEO of the Syngenta Group. “This isn’t a fad but rather a new way consumers are obtaining protein.”

Radicle Growth provides capital to early-stage companies in the agricultural-technology and food-technology sectors. The Syngenta Group is a global agriculture technology company. Visit and and for more information.