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Zippy Duvall

OPINION The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have published a new proposed Clean Water Rule. The Farm Bureau is urging farmers and ranchers to tell the administration how much they value clean water and clear rules.

The proposed rule is a major step toward fair and understandable water regulation on America’s farms and ranches as well as other working lands. The organization is still delving into the proposal, but even a quick glance shows many of the worst problems created by the previous rule are on their way out. They would have treated much of the landscape as though it were water itself.

While American Farm Bureau Federation staff digs into the proposed new rule, farmers and ranchers continue to work hard every day to preserve the world around us. U.S. Department of Agriculture data shows farmers and ranchers are devoting more of their land to conservation than ever before, thanks to USDA programs that let them do well while doing good.

We’re proud of the progress farmers and ranchers have made in their fields and ranges. We look forward to making even more progress with fair, clear and reasonable rules.

The 60-day comment period on the proposed new Clean Water Rule closes April 15. Visit to submit comments.

Zippy Duvall is the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Visit for more information.