Seedstock breeders and commercial cow-calf producers interested in purchasing a total-performance-tested bull will want to attend the 2019 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale. The sale will be the lead event of the Illinois Beef Expo.

This year’s sale includes 59 cataloged bulls, with 23 being longer-aged 2017 mature bulls and 36 yearlings. A breakdown of the breeds includes 31 Angus, 17 Simmental and SimAngus, and 11 Polled Hereford. The sale is scheduled for 11 a.m. Feb. 21 in the Livestock Center, Illinois State Fairgrounds, 801 E. Sangamon Ave., Springfield, Illinois.

The 2019 edition will be the 51st-annual sale, with 4,740 bulls sold during the past 50 years totaling more than $8.7 million. The sale order will be based on a Power Score system that utilizes the economic indexes provided by breed associations. The Power Score will be calculated on the “percentile rank” for those values. The economic indexes are weaned-calf value and beef value for Angus, all-purpose index and terminal index for Simmental, and baldy maternal index and certified Hereford beef index for Hereford.

Along with strict requirements for superior expected progeny differences, bulls must meet some of the most rigorous requirements in the industry. The bulls don’t just need to pass a test; they need to pass every test.

All the bulls must meet a stringent minimum scrotal circumference for their age. Mothers of the bulls are required to test negative for Johne’s Disease or come from a Level 1 or higher herd of the Voluntary Johne’s Certification Program. Bulls also must be tested free for bovine viral diarrhea using the persistently infected ear-notch-screening system. All senior and January yearlings must be fertility-tested. All bulls must meet weight, frame and functional-soundness evaluations prior to the sale.

The 2019 Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale offers elite bulls as verified by their Power Scores. Highlighting the 2019 sale will be several genetic-powerhouse bulls that have light birth weight, great growth and carcass desirability. Proven breed-leaders, artificial-insemination sires and legendary breed icons fill the pedigrees of the bulls. There are unique combinations of performance, pedigree and phenotype offered through the sale.

All bulls will sell with genomic-enhanced expected-progeny differences, which increase the accuracy and reliability of the expected-progeny differences values. Bulls for sale Feb. 21 are a direct result of generations of planned matings.

The sale is supported by the University of Illinois-Extension, the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences, the Illinois Angus Association, the Illinois Simmental Association, Vita-Ferm, Boehringer-Ingleheim, Zoetis 50K and ABS. Visit for more information.

Travis Meteer is the sale manager for the Illinois Performance Tested Bull Sale and beef-cattle educator for University of Illinois-Extension. Contact 217-430-7030 or to reach him.