JOHNSON CREEK, Wis. – It’s been three years in the making – the food menu for the 2019 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days in Jefferson County, that is.

But Tim Brunk says despite the rough roads, and the ups and downs they’ve had, this year’s food committee has completed a successful menu. Brunk and his wife, Jill Brunk, are both chairpersons on the food committee, along with three others. The menu is a culmination of the committee’s ideas. The Brunk contribution is the highlight of this year’s menu – cream puffs.

Tim Brunk was inspired to serve cream puffs at this year’s Wisconsin Farm Technology Days by his current occupation. He is the head baker at the Pine Cone Restaurant and bakery in Johnson Creek. He’s worked there for the past 22 years.

“The cream puffs we make at Pine Cone are the size of your head almost,” he said. “They’re humongous. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to do (cream puffs) was to demonstrate what Pine Cone does. But we changed it up a little bit; we did it a little different than what we do at work. We’re going to have three different kinds of cream puffs.”

The unique flavors will be maple, raspberry and Bavarian cream.

“I created them,” he said. “(The committee) wanted something different so I played around with it.”

He said the committee then voted on the best flavors, with each innovative flavor to be served on a different day of the event. White cream will be served each day in addition to one of the special flavors.

  • July 23 will be raspberry.
  • July 24 will be maple.
  • July 25 will be Bavarian cream.

A team of at least five people will be on-hand to fill the pre-made pastries with freshly made cream. Brunk will be in the cream-puff tent organizing the work during the show.

One obstacle the food committee needed to overcome was how to serve about 10,000 cream puffs during the hottest days of summer. Brunk was able to create a recipe for cream that has dairy in it but isn’t a completely dairy product. During Farm Technology Days there will be refrigerated coolers available on-site to help keep the cream puffs fresh.

“The whole thing was, when this project came up on the food committee we tried to do it where it was the best we could do,” he said. “We wanted to make sure it was a good product coming out.”

In order to best accomplish that goal, the food committee chose to use businesses that call Jefferson County home. Tracy Brandel, a fellow chairperson on the food committee, said there’s plenty of long-standing traditional and heritage food products from Jefferson County. The food committee will be working with Johnsonville Brats, the 7-up Bottling Company and Kraemer Wisconsin Cheese, all of Watertown, Wisconsin.

“We tried to keep everything local and use local products,” Brunk said.

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Samantha Loomis is the assistant editor for Agri-View. She writes about the environment, youth in agriculture, livestock and anything else that may happen to cross her desk.