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Tim Appell’s award-winning contest corn was verified not once but twice. When he harvested part of his contest ground the first time – Nov. 8 – the yield was 325 bushels per acre. It was verified by Jennie Pete, an agribusiness lending officer and crop-insurance specialist for Mound City Bank, and a supervisor for the National Corn Growers Association Yield Contest.

She enlisted a second “set of eyes” – in the form of Jackie McCarville, an agricultural agent for the University of Wisconsin-Division of Extension. Together they watched the second harvest, which was conducted Nov. 25. That harvest yielded 322 bushels per acre.

“I rode along on the combine and the corn looked great,” McCarville said. “It was on the flat part on top of a hill.”

Pete explained some of what’s involved in verifying yield for the contest. First the verifiers need to ensure the combine hopper and auger are clean. They also check to ensure the grain cart and semi-truck that delivers the corn to an elevator are empty.

A measuring wheel is used for measuring contest ground, which must be at least 1.25 acres. The verifier takes into account row spacing and corn-head configuration to ensure a sufficient amount of corn is harvested for the contest sample.

The verifier follows the semi-truck to the grain elevator where corn is tested for moisture.

Visit and search for "2019 yield contest rules" for more information.

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