March definitely came in like a lion and out like a lamb in western Wisconsin. It quickly went from a windy -20 degrees Fahrenheit with 15 to 18 inches of snow to almost 60 degrees.

There were a lot of various kinds of barns in our area that went down because of snow load and wind, which caused a lot of hardship for many. We were fortunate that we only had damage to two sheds – one with a broken truss and another with several broken purloins. Many in the area, including myself, were up on the roofs shoveling snow off to relieve some of the weight on the buildings. The following warm-up and rain caused the snow to melt rather quickly.

We have installed 10 ponds on our farm throughout the years. So we do our part trying to hold some of the water back. We had some that hadn’t been full for several years, overflow for many days.

The winter for me was pretty much filled with working in the shop on one of my tractors, repairing the transmission and brakes. When the weather cooperated I was out cutting and splitting firewood to use for next year’s heat in my shop and house. Weather cooperating or not, I was out feeding cattle daily and plowing snow when necessary, which seemed to be a lot of the time.

There isn’t much to report on from the fields this April 5 as I write this. A few farmers in the area have been hauling manure. But that’s about it. Hopefully there will be a lot more activity to report on next time.

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Wade Bulman owns and operates a small farm of 236 acres in the west-central Driftless Area Region of western Wisconsin. He primarily grows cash grain crops, but has a small cow-calf herd and finishes his steers.