It’s an honor to write once again for the Agri-View newspaper. I truly enjoy telling people what’s happening in my area.

After the major meltdown here many have been questioning their alfalfa stands and winter-wheat stands. From preliminary scouting I’ve found we may not have record-breaking winter-wheat yields. We will have an “average crop” if Mother Nature cooperates the rest of the time. Though I’m quite pleased with the alfalfa stands. I figured after the wet fall we had with lots of alfalfa underwater before freezing, I was going to see a lot of rotten or dead plants. But I’m seeing lots of good healthy plants. There’s some heaving and some loss. But as of this moment I would say no more than the typical Wisconsin winter.

With the main meltdown behind us it’s time to consider emptying the manure pit for the spring and start working on spring equipment. This year we’re not going to be doing as many upgrades to equipment as we have in the past. This past year we added two-by-two on the remaining rows on our John Deere 1790 16/31 planter. We had the main 16 rows done a couple years back. But we didn’t think we could manage 15-inch spaced corn, which we have proven we could the past couple of years.

We had great yields this past year with leafy hybrids for corn silage. So we’re planting 100 percent again this year of leafy for silage. We gained tonnage and produced great-quality feed with the initial cost savings of seed during the past two years. This year we’re looking at experimenting more with in-furrow and two-by-two related products for soybeans and corn. This past year in our plot we had many interesting and yield-enhancing products that show great potential for more profitability on the grain side and tonnage for silage.

Josh Kroeplien of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, farms 800 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa in Sheboygan County. He milks 550 cows. He is a custom-operator, doing field work for customers on an additional 5,000 acres and has a woodworking business called Josh’s Woodworks. He’s also a seed dealer.