This week saw torrential rainfall along with extreme winds – the perfect recipe for downed corn. As is usually the case it’s spotty and sporadic, but where it’s down it looks like a steam roller went over the field.

Most dairy farmers have their second crop put up. Corn is close to tasseling; as I write this July 10 we’re cutting our first field of seed corn. After the cut we’ll come in two days later with pullers to take the tassels out of the female plants, rendering them true females. It’s always nice to start detassling because it marks the halfway point of our season. We make 12 to 13 different passes in a seed-corn field, so hitting the halfway point is always exciting.

The soybeans were twisted up with the winds as well; they are at a full R2. In a week we should be at R3.

Dave Justman of Cuba City runs 200 acres of his own and manages a 10,000-acre crop farm.