Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to give thanks, or be thankful. Many soybeans were harvested just before Thanksgiving. The snow melted, no more rain storms occurred and snowstorms were offering a break from poor weather. Humidity resided at about 50 percent to 55 percent, making harvest possible. Moisture was measuring at 13 percent to 17 percent. Augers were turning and grain bins were filling quickly.

There was another rush to harvest as more rain was coming in the forecast. Some of the pods on the soybeans dropped due to the large amount of snow earlier; it was difficult for the combine to pick up every pod. But I think it was done and there was not a significant loss in yields. Combining lower to the ground increased the probability of breaking a sickle.

A lot of fields are looking bare now; no one has started fall tillage. Some are baling the soybean stubble for bedding although fields are still wet. Bales are wet and it’s difficult not becoming stuck with the flatbed trailers.

There is some corn still standing in fields but not much. At this point all farmers in our area are finished with grain harvest or nearing the end. After this season hopefully farmers can take a break and relieve some stress.

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Kimberly Weyland of Neenah, Wisconsin, a loving mother with a passion for cows, believing grazing cows and fresh-cut alfalfa is paradise. Currently she works on her parents’ organic dairy farm as well for Climate FieldView as an activation specialist. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.