Someone made the comment to me the other day that there may be more beans standing than corn. I think that may be accurate after driving around the country the past few days.

There were some soybeans that came off this past week in the mud, with moistures between 18 percent and 20 percent from what I heard at the local grain location. Corn harvest continues even after the rains we keep having every couple of days. The struggle has been finding fields where producers can load trucks on the road – or a decent driveway to back in off the road.

With the heavy winds the other day and the corn condition there may be a few plots that aren’t harvested for data this year. I have fielded a lot of questions lately about what to do with crops that can’t be harvested by the end of this year. The best thing I can tell a producer is to talk to his or her insurance agent.

With the rain and bad weather I had the chance to be home for our annual Thanksgiving dinner we host at our house. It was a nice reprieve to spend time with family and to be away from what’s going on for a couple of days. I think everyone needs a break to return to what really matters and to appreciate what we have.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and can take off their crops with some decent weather soon.

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Kyle Stull farms near Ixonia, Wisconsin, at Kieck Farms LLC handling the agronomy side of the business. He and farm owner Dennis Kieck run 1,300 acres of corn and soybeans along the Rock River. Stull is a certified crop adviser and also runs Stull Agronomy LLC providing crop-consulting services along with selling seed.