Bulman banding and tagging calves

Wade Bulman tags and bands a newly born calf. 

My father, who’s a lifelong farmer with nearly 70 years of cropping experience, always said he sowed oats more often in May than he ever did in March. We always wish we could finish in March; it seems it’s usually the middle to the end of April. But this year has been anything but usual. This is the year we will be sowing oats in May.

Most of the field activity in this portion of western Wisconsin the past two weeks has been limited to hauling manure. There has been a small amount of tillage and a limited amount of seeding done. Some corn has been planted primarily on lighter ground.

My beef cows have started calving; so far so good. I like to tag them and band the males as soon as they are licked, dried off and have had their first meal. We previously rounded them up in the fall to castrate them. But it’s a lot nicer not to have that job to do. It’s also a lot less stress on the animals.

Hopefully by next report we will have the small grains finished and be working on corn.

Wade Bulman owns and operates a small farm of 236 acres in the west-central Driftless Area Region of western Wisconsin. He primarily grows cash grain crops, but has a small cow-calf herd and finishes his steers.