I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday weekend. I worked Saturday on some of my own acres; Sunday we were able to go out on a friend’s boat to relax a bit.

A lot of guys were out making second crop during the weekend. From what I’ve been hearing it was good; some say almost as good as first crop. I was finally able to cut my new-seeding grass-alfalfa mix this past week. It was rather thin for my liking but it should still make good feed for the farmer who’s taking it.

We have been swamped Y-dropping corn. With the corn putting on so much height so fast during the past couple of weeks, guys with their own side-dress bars can’t keep up. I’d say about 70 percent of the corn looks good to excellent, but there are a few fields that are uneven and suffering from the early-season stress.

I was able to put my early pass of fungicide and micros on my corn before we started Y-dropping; so far that’s looking very good. I used Priaxor early on; I plan on coming back at R3 with either Veltyma or Revytek. Those are both new products this year from BASF. I’ve seen good results from the trial data. Veltyma has a super-long residual, which allows growers to put it on earlier with their own ground rig instead of needing to hire a Hi-boy sprayer or an airplane.

As for the beans most of them are pushing right along as well. The majority of them are now almost R3. This is the perfect time to spray a fungicide on beans for those who are planning to. Most guys are using Priaxor and adding in an insecticide along with a micro-pack. One thing we’ve been doing this year is adding sugar to every pass. So far I’ve seen good results.

I’m hoping to start combining my relay wheat within the next couple of weeks. With this heat I can’t believe how fast it’s drying. My goal is at least 50-bushel wheat and 45-bushel beans for this first year. As with anything I have a whole list of changes I’m planning on making for next year.

I need to go back to it; see ya next time.

Zac Soltvedt of Seymour farms about 350 acres, growing corn, soybeans and relay wheat. He also has a custom application business, a seed dealership and a trucking division.