The Southwestern National Brown Swiss Show was held Oct. 16-17 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Exhibitors from 22 states brought a total of about 300 head of Brown Swiss cattle to the show. 

Junior champion of the open show was “VoGrin Fabulous Wicked ETV,” a fall yearling bred and owned by Tammy Voegeli of Arlington, Wisconsin. Wicked also had been named junior champion of the Midwest Regional Show, which was held in August in West Salem, Wisconsin.

“Pit-Crew Durham Tallison” was named reserve junior champion of the open show and champion of the junior show. The fall calf is owned by Pit-Crew Genetics and leased to Allison Foss of Cambridge, Minnesota. Tallison also had been named junior champion of the Minnesota State Show, which was held in August.

The reserve junior champion and first-place intermediate calf was “Trackside Famous Gretchen.” The calf was bred and is owned by Otis, Malcolm and Quincee Johnson of Evansville, Wisconsin.

“Payacres Sunkist,” a winter yearling owned by Taylor and Brianna Paye of Casco, Wisconsin, was named honorable mention junior champion.

Topping the summer-yearling class was “E-Max Tanbark Solstice,” shown by Brady Engquist of Cambridge, Minnesota. Pit-Crew Genetics won the heifer show’s “best three females” and premier-breeder awards.

Cow-class winners named

“Just So C Waffle ET,” owned by Just So Farm of Lake Mills, Wisconsin, topped the yearling-in-milk class.

“Twinkle Hill TU Olivia 1323,” exhibited by John and Dee Winkelman of Watertown, Wisconsin, took first-place in the junior 2-year-old class. The Winkelmans’ “Twinkle Hill CD Olivia 1233” was named the third-place junior 3-year-old. She also was the production winner with an energy-corrected milk value of 26,288 pounds of milk at 2 years, 0 months. The pair of young cows won the produce of dam class. The Winkelmans added their fifth-place 5-year-old cow to the group, which earned them second-place in the senior best-three-females class.

Haden Hauschildt of Ellsworth, Wisconsin, earned a second-place award for “Jaden Le Go,” a senior 3-year-old cow. “Jaden Rich Dorito” earned fourth place.

Austin and Brianna Meyer of Chilton, Wisconsin, received intermediate champion of the junior show with “Jenlar Davpt Turtle Sundae.” The cow also received honorable mention grand champion in the junior show.

“Summerwynd Jane Doe” was named the junior show’s reserve intermediate champion. She is owned by Tyler Schroepfer of Birnamwood, Wisconsin.

Pit-Crew Genetics’ “Pit-Crew Richard Pizza” was named the second-place 4-year-old.

Landon Knapp of Epworth, Iowa, had a double winner with “We Sell Bose 4822.” The second-place “aged cow” was selected as honorable mention senior champion of the open show and grand champion of the junior show.

Joey Opsal of Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, received honorable mention senior champion of the junior show with his fourth-place 4-year-old “RK Arthurst Tanbark Feisty.”

Wisconsin earned state-herd banners for both the open show and the junior show.

The shows were judged by Dean Dohle of Halfway, Missouri, and associate judge Nate Goldenberg of McGregor, Texas.

The Brown Swiss breed continues to be in demand. Their excellent milk production adds a premium to any milk check. Brown Swiss cows can produce as much as 80 percent B Kappa-casein and 70 percent A2A2 Beta casein. Visit or call 608-365-4474 for more information.