OPINION  This is in response to the dilemma of the dairy industry. I am a retired dairy farmer and at one time had a cow-share program approved by the state where people could get raw milk. Unfortunately it became too successful so it did not have a good ending. We need to offer the public a healthy product so people that are lactose-intolerant can consume it. Raw milk has beneficial enzymes people need to digest dairy products.

There are 13 states that allow raw-milk sales in retail stores, 17 allow on-farm sales and eight states allow cow-share programs. If Wisconsin is the “dairy state” why are we one of the states that prohibits the sale of raw milk? Instead our retail stores have as much or more space allotted to non-dairy “milk,” “cheese,” etc. If the dairy farmer would have fought for the sale of raw milk, I do not believe there would be a problem.

For the benefits of raw dairy read “The Milk Book” by Dr. (William Campbell Douglass II). Another successful avenue has been the sale of organic dairy. I’m not sure what the solution is at this stage of the game, but it’s never too late for change. To the dairy farmers I wish the best.

Gleta Hauser

Almena, Wisconsin