Belfield, ND

February 7, 2020

Breed: Hereford and Angus

43 Hereford Yearling Bulls average $4,864

10 Hereford Two-Yr. Old Bulls average $3,650

7 Yearling Angus Bulls average $3,429

10 BWF Yearling Open Heifers average $1,375

20 Commercial Yearling Open Hereford Heifers average $1,231


Lot 923. $10,000, BCC Bullseye 923G ET, February 12, 2019, CRR 109 On Point 559 ET x Go Excel L18, Casey Voigt, Beulah, ND

Lot 946. $10,000, BCC Uproar 946G, February 18, 2019, Haroldson's Upgrade T100 33D x NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET, Amdahl Angus & Hereford, Rapid City, SD and Hillsview Ranch, Rapid City, SD

Lot 902. $9,500, BCC Journey 902G, January 26, 2019, NJW 84B 10W Journey 53D x NJW 78P Twentytwelve 190Z ET, Ridder Hereford Ranch, Callaway, NE


Lot 8150. $6,500, BCC L1 Domino 8150F, March 26, 2018, BCC L1 Domino 626D ET x CL 1 Domino 105Y, Brandon Schweigert, Edgeley, ND

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

Agri-Media Rep: Kirby Goettsch

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