Leeds, ND

February 8, 2020

Breed: Simmental/SimAngus/Red Angus


110 Simmental/SimAngus/Red Angus Bulls $4,848.00

65 Bred Heifers $2,375.00

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 20 $27,000 KS Vanderbilt G220; a 3/2/19 son of RFS Bulletproof B42 to Doll Simmental Ranch; New Salem, ND and Cross Hair Simmental; Dawson, ND

Lot 17 $14,000 KS Baylor G119; a 2/25/19 son of FRS Bulletproof B42 to Ben Stroh; Tappen, ND

Lot 80 $10,000 KS Wofford G157; a 3/7/19 son of Colorado Bridle Bit E752 to Traxinger Simmental; Houghton, SD

Lot 71 $8,500 KS Clemson G132; a 3/1/19 son of Hook’s Bozeman 8B to Joe Wagner; Brandon, MN

Lot 41 $8,500 KS Gustavus G60; a 2/24/19 son of GW Major Move 590E to Traxinger Simmental; Houghton, SD

Top Selling Bred Heifers:

Lot 132 $6,500 KS Flora F4011; a 3/26/18 daughter of CDI Ambition 255C to Lucas Stangeland; Glenfield, ND

Lot 134 $6,250 KS Miss Ambition F920; a 3/2/18 daughter of CKI Ambition 255C to Ashton Guthrie; Perth, ND

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs; Shepherd, MT

Agri-Media Rep: Jeff Thomas