Sale Name: Northern Livestock Video Auction Early Summer Special

Location: Billings, MT

Date: 06/25/2020

Breed: All Breeds

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins, Greg Goggins,Ty Thompson Sale Manager: Northern Livestock Video Auction Agri-Media Rep: Jeff Thomas

Northern Livestock Video Auction held their annual Early Summer Special, Thursday, June 25th in Billings, MT. Cattle sold to a large nationwide buyer base on a good active market. Northern’s Summertime Classic will be held July 20th, 21st, & 22nd with a consignment deadline of July 2nd.

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Meadows Ranch from Choteau, MT sold 110 head of Steers weighing 425 for $182.00/100

Miller Ranch from Billings, MT sold 500 head of Weaned Steers weighing 525 for $186.00/100

Miller Ranch from Billings, MT sold 350 head of Weaned Heifers weighing 450 for $165.50 /100

Cooney Bros LLC from Harlowton, MT sold 475 head of Steers weighing 625 for $162.50/100

Dale & Pam Bilyeu from Worden, MT sold 90 head of Steers weighing 675 for $153.00/100

3 Links Ranch Inc. from Grass Range, MT sold 150 head of Steers weighing 695 for $152.50/100

3 Links Ranch Inc. from Grass Range, MT sold 84 head of Heifers weighing 615 for $140.00/100

Greet Ranch Inc from Ten Sleep, WY sold 205 head of Steers weighing 825 for $157.00/100

John G Corbett Trust from Jeffery City, WY sold 124 head of Steers weighing 935 for $135.00 /100

Centennial Livestock from Dillon, MT sold 240 head of Heifers weighing 900 for $135.50/100