Dillon, MT

March 13, 2019

Breed: Angus


278 Yearling Angus Bulls $6,498.00

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 37 $80,000 Sitz Accomplishment 720F; a 1/24/18 son of Poss Achievement to ABS Global; Deforest, WI

Lot 5 $50,000 Sitz Barricade 632F; a 2/1/18 son of Sitz Stellar 726D to Hoffman Ranch; Thedford, NE/Rancho Casino; Denair, CA and Genex Beef; Shawano, WI

Lot 74 $37,500 Sitz Vaquero 739F; a 1/21/18 son of HA Cowboy Up 5405 to Leadore Angus; Leadore, ID

Lot 121 $21,000 Sitz Invasion 670F; a 1/30/18 son of Sitz Invasion 574D to Vermilion Ranch; Billings, MT

Lot 2 $20,500 Sitz Stellar 699F; a 1/28/18 son of Sitz Stellar 726D to R Bar N Angus; Deer Lodge, MT

Lot 108 $20,000 Sitz Powerball 693F; a 1/28/18 son of Raven Powerball 53 to Walker Land & Cattle; Mountain Home, ID

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins, Billings, MT and Greg Goggins; Billings, MT

Agri-Media Rep: Jeff Thomas