Hall, MT

September 19, 2019

Breed: Angus


8 Open Angus Heifers $3,156.00

14 Bred Angus Heifers $3,660.00

10 Bred Angus Cows $5,300.00

12 Embryos $750.00

32 Total Angus Females $4,046.00

Top Selling Bred Cows:

Lot 7 $8,250 SRS Blackbird 2202Z; a 2/3/12 daughter of Tombstone 050 bred to Musgrave Feature A810 to Griffin Land & Livestock; Billings, MT

Lot 3 $7,750 SRS Blance 4226B ; a 2/4/14 daughter of Musgrave Foundation to Griffin Land & Livestock; Billings, MT

Lot 2 $7,000 SRS Elba 5283C; a 2/8/15 daughter of Connealy Black Granite to Grasser Bros.; Dallas, SD

Top Selling Bred Heifer:

Lot 13 $6,000 SRS Rose 8282F; a 1/21/18 daughter of SRS Blockbuster 2256B to Green Mountain Angus Ranch; Ryegate, MT

Top Selling Open Heifer:

Lot 30 $4,500 SRS Rose 9237G; a 1/29/19 daughter of LD Capitalist 316 to Bobcat Angus; Galata, MT

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs; Shepherd, MT

Agri-Media Rep: Jeff Thomas

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