Great Falls, MT

September 21, 2019

Breed: Quarter Horses


39 Weanling Filly Colts $4,3,67.00

36 Weanling Stud Colts $4,132.00

Overall Average:

75 Weanling Colts $4,254.00

Top Sellers:

Lot 67 $12,500 TS Shake Em to Fame; a 3/16/19 Frenchmans Shake Em Bay Filly to Kevin Keller; Stanford, MT

Lot 31 $10,750 Weavers Boon Topaz; a 5/5/19 Smart Topaz Red Roan Stallion to Brad Guinnup; Cramerille, IN

Lot 1 $10,500 Weavers Two Miss Perks; a 5/15/19 Perkster Buckskin Filly to Steve Fisher; Harrod, OH

Lot 73 $10,500 TS Jettin ta Fame; a 5/5/19 First Down Frenchman Buckskin Filly to Callie Blanton, Bozeman, MT

Lot 72 $9,500 TS Shake Em Wild; a 5/7/19 Frenchmans Shake Em Buckskin Stallion to Kathy Kipp; Browning, MT

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar; Reva, SD

Agri-Media Rep: Jeff Thomas

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