I’ve been asked, “Why haven’t you written any articles lately?”

I have given that a lot of thought (no action, just thought) and decided that I’ve just not had focus. My attention has been flitting around like the butterfly I enjoyed watching the other day.

My husband recently asked, “Did you see the little flowers in our yard?”

I responded, “Yes, I did. Aren’t they pretty? The little blue flowers are my favorite, due to their deep color and the fact that they are spreading all over.”

We have been living in our present house since 1978 (can 41 years have really passed?) and I have planted very few of the very early bulbs. Don’t even know what the striking, miniature flowers are. I am thankful that the former inhabitants loved and planted flowers. We are still enjoying their efforts.

Not only are flowers being noticed, but new bird songs are regularly being heard. I feel like we have our own performance, just like a private music concert. It’s fun to hear the songs from other migrating ones returning.

A few night ago, Jim said, “Look at all the moths on our (kitchen) window.”

While I had seen a previous hatch about two weeks prior with at least eight, same sized critters on the window, this night at least three different varieties were clinging to the window. Wonder how they will fare in the next “cyclone weather event.”

Wonder what they were. Hmm.

Wonder if we have a moth identification book. Flit, flit.

Birds, flowers, insects, ....wait, what about plants! There is an inside and outside story about plants. From a sweet potato grown in my garden in 2018, I now have two plants growing in dirt with two additional cuttings taking root in antique glass vases. It will be at least a month from now before these four are planted in the main part of my garden and months before sweet potatoes form.

Our new favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is to roast them. I can almost taste them now. Flit, flit.

I have Mother Hubbard squash seeds poked down in potting soil. Jim loves pies made from them, made in the manner of a pumpkin pie. These seeds were saved from a volunteer plant that graced by garden fence last year. Flit, flit.

Celery? Yes, I am experimenting with rooting celery from a grocery store purchase. I saved the bottom of a celery bunch and placed it in a bowl with water. From the center, deep green leaves have sprouted and it will be planted mid-May outside. Now, more about my outside garden—flit, flit.

So, the migrating columnist has returned.

She is flitting around and hoping focus will migrate back into to her life, but in the meantime, she loves livin’ in Craig.