My husband, Mark, and I have a passion for JCPenney and its rich history and will be sharing our collectibles and memorabilia throughout the Burt County Museum’s Houston and East houses this summer. The theme of the display is “How Burt County played a role in the development and expansion of the JCPenney Company.” We will showcase the history of the Tekamah and Fremont, Neb., JCPenney stores along with the history of the Malmsten brothers from Burt County.

We are looking for specific items that you may want to “lend” us in these specific areas:

1. Your memories of the Tekamah JCPenney store.

2. Can you remember the associates/managers names and the years which they worked at the store?

3. May we “borrow” items like JCPenney hand/bath towels, bedding, toys or other related catalog items and clothing.

4. Photos of JCPenney associates/managers and of the store.

The Tekamah JCPenney store opened Thursday, Aug. 1, 1929, and served the Tekamah community and surrounding area for 58 years until the doors closed Aug. 24, 1987.

The exhibit will be open Friday, June 11, through Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019.

If you and others want to view this display, call your friends and plan a reunion here in Tekamah, around these dates.

Please contact me with your memories and photos before March 1 so we can include them throughout the exhibit. I can be reached by phone at home, 402-374-1706, leave a message, or email me at I can also be reached on Facebook.