I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the heat to go away – for a few days anyway. So many of you have been kind enough to donate to the center in many different ways. Items for our pantry, paper products and money to help pay for items we need. Your thoughtfulness is wonderful and very much appreciated. The volunteers from the churches that are delivering meals are great. I never hear a complaint from anyone, (except for Les – and I have learned to just let him rattle). You are always ready to do what needs done. We would not be able to do these things if it wasn’t for your generosity. Big “Thank You” to everyone, you do a great job.

I received an email from Norfolk and they are not ready to open up the senior centers yet. They will get back to us in July to see where things stand. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I also want everyone to stay safe and healthy. You have all been doing a great job of taking care of yourself and others. Hang in there a little while longer and we will be back together soon. Miss you all, I think Kim and Jo are getting tired of me bugging them. Just look what you are missing! Stay safe!

We are having our farmers market coupons again this year. I have a few left if anyone would like to use them. If I run out I can put you on a waiting list, but no promises. You do have to be over 60 and a couple of other restrictions for these coupons. Give me a call and I will let you know about them.


Thank you for thinking of the Chatt Community Center with your memorials.

Henry Doncheski and Mary Beard were remembered by Don and Judy Magill