Mary Loftis

Extension Associate, Nebraska Extension in Burt County and SHIIP Counselor

How can I possibly thank the HUNDREDS of people that not only made the Burt County Fair a great success, but the entire 4-H program throughout the year for giving a wonderful opportunity for our 4-H members?

I wish I had time to send a note to every 4-H member for all the efforts they put into all their exhibits, for attending 4-H meetings, workshops and workdays as well as the community service activities they do. I hope they feel very proud of their efforts and look forward to stretching their skills and achievements in new directions next year. I’d tell them not to wait until they’re a senior in high school to try to “do it all” in 4-H, just because they can see their 4-H career ending. Try new things now! We’re here to help get you started!

I’d also like to send a note to all the 4-H leaders and parents thanking them for their support of their 4-H member(s) and of the program. For working their shift in the 4-H Kitchen, for reading the newsletter regarding deadlines and helping their 4-H member(s) understand the importance of being involved.

We couldn’t do it without the help of the fair superintendents up and down the hill, the Burt County Board of Supervisors, the Ag Society, the Burt County Fair Foundation, Extension Board and 4-H Council. All of these groups and individuals play such a big part in the 4-H experience, not just during the county fair, but also in their support of the program all year round. The loss of fair manager, David Pearson, the fairgrounds flood and fire disasters caused much heartache and lots of extra work, but everyone came together to make the fair happen in a grand way.

The 4-H Kitchen managers, Angie & Lee Smith with the support of the 4-H Council have fine-tuned the 4-H Kitchen into a well-oiled machine. Sometimes the “machine” got more than a little overheated on those terribly hot shifts but the managers, day chairs and workers made it possible for the fair-going masses to enjoy excellent food with great variety.

Then there are our donors and auction buyers. Some individuals wish to stay anonymous as they support the program, while others are happy to have their name or business associated with the award or donation. We appreciate them all as it is wonderful to have so many awards to present and the livestock auction is the envy of the state. Our 4-H members have a great head start on their college funds with these auction premiums.

Our community supports the program by providing free or reduced rental rates for our 4-H educational events throughout the year. This saves our 4-H members money because they do not have to pay more for the workshops and activities!

Of course, the Extension Office plays a part in the 4-H program throughout the year and our team of John Wilson, Carroll Welte, Sharon Wimer, Julie Fleischman and myself (Mary Loftis) try to make our 4-H members proud to be part of the Burt County 4-H program.

Just because I’m not sending each of you a thank you note doesn’t mean our 4-H members don’t need to send them! We’ve tried to make it as easy as we could by including donor address labels on our trophies and awards. All they have to do is write a short, but sincere thank you for the award, put the address label on it and add a stamp! If the donors get a note from you, the 4-H members, it’s much easier for them to say “Yes” when we call them next year! Thanks again!!

State Fair pre-entry deadline

All livestock exhibitors and in-person event exhibitors (contests, fashion show, presentations, Culinary Challenge, etc.) will still be able to order discounted tickets when they enter in ShoWorks for State Fair. These entries are due by 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 10. At that time, ShoWorks will go down and no additional entries can be made. Additional information is available in the Operations Handbook.

County Fair and Extension Office Found Items

Fair and summer is a busy time and things get misplaced. Make sure if any items are missing from your house, barn or show box that you get them claimed ASAP please! Here is a list of what we have in the Extension Office. I guess a few items were left by the livestock office in Oakland, so this is not a complete list. If you are missing something else go to Oakland to check please.

• Pottery from the pottery workshop. If you didn’t get everything you made, please stop and check.

• Stepping Stones – two stones left in the office.

• 20 oz. YETI cup with lid

• Beef Neck Rope – blue and black

• Beef Rope halter – black

• Green bristled 7” pig brush

• Youth Small black Under Armour shorts with UNDER ARMOUR waistband

• Youth 5T Granimals shorts – black with white triangle design and white trim

• 2 cute “Squishmallow” owls with plastic hooks. One grey and one lavender

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