Decatur Museum seeks old photos

Decatur Museum is looking for good quality, black and white photographs that depict the history of Decatur to feature in the 2020 historic calendar.

The calendar will focus on scenes from historic Decatur including street and river landscapes, churches and schools (especially interiors shots), businesses, houses, special events, parades and family photos.

Please contact Norma Farrens at or 402-349-5180 if you have photographs that fit this criteria.

The photographs must be good quality at 300 resolution or higher. They may be scanned and e-mailed, or submitted directly.

This will be the 16th edition of the Decatur Historic Calendar that features local photographs and daily trivia about the events and people of Decatur and how world events affected the community. The trivia will highlight events from 1920. The 1920s were an age of dramatic social and political change and for the first time, more Americans lived in cities than on farms. The decade began with the last American troops returning from Europe after World War I to their families, friends and jobs; and thus started the age of consumerism.

Prohibition took effect in 1920 forbidding the manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages. Women earned the right to vote, the average life span was 54 years, and students attended school for 75 days a year. The calendar will explore how the community dealt with the beginning of the Roaring Twenties!

All proceeds from the sale of the calendars go directly to the museum to fund maintenance of the building, exhibits and programming. They will be available for Christmas gift-giving.

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