Chef salads are offered to 5-12 grades in place of main dish, but must sign up for it that morning

Menu is subject to change.

Monday, Sept. 21: Breakfast—Pancake on a stick, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch— Toasted cheese sandwich, tomato soup, peas, fruit, vegetables, milk.

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Breakfast—Cheese omelet, toast, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch— Breaded pork pattie, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, dinner roll, fruit, vegetables, milk.

Wednesday, Sept. 23: Breakfast—Cereal, pop tart, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch—Cheeseburger casserole, broccoli, rice krispie bar, fruit, vegetables, milk.

Thursday, Sept. 24: Breakfast—Breakfast pizza, fruit, juice, milk. Lunch— Chili dogs, oven fries, fruit, vegetables, milk.

Friday, Sept. 25: No school.


Lunch: Cold sandwich maybe substituted for main dish: Monday peanut butter and jelly; Tuesday, ham and cheese; Wednesday, turkey and cheese; Thursday, sub (meat and cheese); Friday, yogurt and bread.

Monday, Sept. 21: Breakfast— Sausage bites. Lunch—Sub sandwich, Fritos, cold veggies.

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Breakfast— Fried egg and toast. Lunch—Taco, lettuce salad, corn, scotcheroos.

Wednesday, Sept. 23: Breakfast— Bosco stick. Lunch—Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, bread, green beans.

Thursday, Sept. 24: Breakfast— Scrambled egg burrito. Lunch—Turkey, swiss, bacon wrap, tri tator, baked beans.

Friday, Sept. 25: Breakfast— Egg, bacon, cheese sandwich or donut. Lunch—Hot dog or chili dog on wg bun, tator tots, corn.


All meals are served with daily vegetables, fruits & milk. Please check ocknights.org/dining for any menu updates.

Monday, Sept. 21: Breakfast­— Breakfast stuffed potato skins and toast, choice of fruit, juice and milk. Lunch—Crispito, broccoli, spiral cut french fries, 1% milk.

Tuesday, Sept. 22: Breakfast­— Sausage gravy and biscuits, choice of fruit, juice and milk. Lunch—Walking taco, salsa dipping cup, shredded iceberg lettuce, 1% milk.

Wednesday, Sept. 23: Breakfast­— Egg and cheese English muffin, choice of fruit, juice and milk. Lunch—Pulled pork, fries, applesauce, bug bites grahams, 1% milk.

Thursday, Sept. 24: Breakfast­— Strawberry crunch parfait, choice of fruit, juice and milk. Lunch—Chicken alfredo, broccoli florets, fruit cup, garlic breadstick, 1% milk.

Friday, Sept. 25: Breakfast­— Mini cinnamon cream cheese bagels, choice of fruit, juice and milk. Lunch—Beef fiestada pizza, carrot slices, sidekick slushie, 1% milk.