Those who plan to hunt the November firearm deer season are reminded to locate a check station ahead of their hunt. There have been several changes to the list of available check stations since last season, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission officials said last week.

Firearm deer hunters, and archers harvesting deer during the Nov. 16-24 firearm season, must deliver their deer to a check station no later than 1 p.m. on the day following the close of the season.

Telecheck is not allowed during this season. Deer harvested during the November firearm season must be delivered to a check station before leaving the state. Each permit holder must accompany his or her deer to the check station. The permit/tag and check station seal must be retained while transporting the deer to a point of permanent storage or processing.

Deer harvested during seasons other than the November firearm season must be checked via Telecheck within 48 hours of kill, but no later than 1 p.m. on the day after the close of any part of the season. The permit holder must record the seal number as provided by the check station on the permit of any deer checked via Telecheck.

The only check station in Burt County is the Cubby’s store in Tekamah.

Residents age 16 and older and all nonresidents must carry proof of a valid Nebraska habitat stamp while hunting big game. Individuals with valid, fee-exempt permits and landowners hunting their own land with a landowner permit are not required to purchase a habitat stamp to hunt big game. A 2019 stamp is valid for deer hunting in January 2020.

Hunter education is required for hunters ages 12 through 29 hunting with a firearm or air gun. Bow hunter education is required for those ages while hunting big game with a bow and arrow or crossbow. They must carry with them proof of certification.

Permission is required to hunt on private land. It is unlawful to hunt with a rifle within 200 yards of an occupied dwelling or feedlot without specific permission for that purpose or within 100 yards using other methods.

The use of drones to scout for quarry also is against the law. According to the commission, it is unlawful for any person one day before or throughout any open season to spot, locate, or place under surveillance any game animal or game bird with the aid of any aircraft (to include drones) and convey information about such animal’s or bird’s location to any person or group of persons by radio or other electronic device (which includes photography taken from unmanned aircraft). The use of aircraft (which includes drones) any time to hunt, drive, molest, chase, or harass game birds or game animals is illegal.

To find a complete list of available check stations, as well as a map, visit More information on checking deer also is available there in the 2019 Big Game Guide.

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