Sheila Grimit, Marilee Braesch and I gathered so very much from the Hearts for Her-man experience, the not-for-profit organization that helped raise monies for our village and community.

It all began with Sheila’s desires to make Adean Compton’s dreams come true following Adean’s passing to make the Herman Park a fun and safe place for the children in the community. Sheila asked Marilee and I to join in on the projects. We named our organization Hearts for Herman, since that’s where our hearts felt needed, and from there it just got better and better.

Fundraising contributions included $20,000 toward the park’s concession stand, a tree planted (with plaque) in the park to honor Adean, park benches and a flower garden, ballpark dugout repair, $8,000 donated to the HFVD for a defibrillator, $2,000 to the VFW to assist in programs there, assistance to bring a welcome sign to Herman in honor of cardinal Dave Rogert (thank you Diane) and children’s games during Herman Days. Yearly Valentine’s Day wine dinners helped continue the charity work. With that final count of money our little organization lastly created a lovely scholarship fund for a $1,000 per year for the next several years, established for the Tekamah-Herman students to apply for so they, themselves, can create a good, secure future.

Hearts for Herman is no more, yet the philanthropic heart keeps beating. If you yourself feel the want or need to contribute in some beautiful way to our wonderful community this scholarship fund is such a fine way to do so. Through it you are putting your faith in our up and coming young Americans. Washington County Bank and Sarah Chatt will see to the donation. We have passed the baton to them.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. Here’s to the love we all share when it comes to exuberant community love.

You all have such good hearts